Meet Taylor Harris Oyebadejo

Soul Key Studio is a culmination of Taylor’s innate love for interiors and her experience working with people experiencing homelessness.

Earning a master’s degree in psychology and a doctoral degree in social work, Taylor has dedicated the last ten years of her life and the foreseeable future to ending homelessness through housing and supportive services. With the pressing sense that her passion for interior design and experience as a homelessness researcher were too symbiotic to ignore, Soul Key was borne.
Taylor’s goal is to use her design skills to make change beyond interior spaces. Through Soul Key Studio, she hopes to expose the broader population to supportive housing as a means to end homelessness.

By creating spaces that feel like home for those with experiences of homelessness, Taylor believes we can end returns to homelessness and reimagine supportive housing.

Within her affinity for interior design, Taylor enjoys thrifting for home furnishings and decor, transforming furniture, and touring historic homes. She is a big believer that our homes and the pieces that fill our spaces are a conduit for self-expression and is always looking for ways to incorporate sentiment into design. Beyond her love for design, she is passionate about food and cooking, cats (especially her own), live music, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life with her husband.

You can learn more about Taylor’s story and how Soul Key Studio was started here.